ACMC hails Sri Lanka Tamil embrace of Sajit

The All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC) hailed the decision by Sri Lanka’s leading Tamil coalition to back New Democratic Front (NDF) candidate Sajit Premadasa in the forthcoming Presidential election.

“I praise Tamil National Alliance’ decision to support NDF candidate Sajit Premadasa in the Presidential election. Their unconditional support is good news and it makes us very happy” said the Leader of ACMC, Vanni District MP Rishad Bathiudeen. ACMC Leader and Minister of Industry, Commerce, Resettlement of Protracted Displaced Persons, Cooperative Development, Skills Development & Vocational Training Bathiudeen was addressing a pre-election rally in support of NDF Presidential candidate Sajit Premadasa in Salambakulam, Vavuniya on 3 November. Addressing the Salambakulam meeting ACMC Leader Bathiudeen reminded that Sri Lankan minorities were united during 2015 Presidential elections too. “Tamils and Muslims supported the Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena in the 2015 Presidential election and got him elected as the President. The minorities are uniting this time to elect Sajit Premadasa and Sajit will be the winner this time” said ACMC Leader Bathiudeen and added: “The majority of the Sri Lankan minorities now support Sajit Premadasa.”  

Speaking on the opposition, Bathiudeen MP said: “The racists within the opposition Presidential Candidate’s camp will be silenced once Sajit wins this election. They harassed our Muslims after Easter Sunday attacks to fan the flames of communalism within the majority community so that their votes would increase within the majority, thereby returning them to power” ACMC Leader cautioned: “If the opposition Presidential Candidate wins and returns to power, the minorities of Sri Lanka should be ready to face lawless, racist tyranny.”

ACMC has pledged its support to Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa of the UNP led alliance New Democratic Front (NDF).